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26 Management LLC.

26 Management LLC is a Management Company.  Since its inception, in 2008. 26 Management main has been committed to promoting and developing original material, no matter what genre but.  This company is committed to a goal of working with clients who posses unique musical talents but who are also driven to increase their visibility in the global work place while relentlessly pursuing their musical aspirations.

26 Management LLC will always remain a diligent and focused company which we believe is our strength, one that will allow us to give maximum personal attention and consideration to our artists and business relationships.

Our intention is to create an environment of creativity, trust and maximum interaction between us and our artist’s a global alliances. Our company is designed to help our artists and business partners realize their potential and provide guidance through the different stages of a career.

Led by CEO Roney Hooks the company has been on the forefront of building meaningful and profitable relationships in film, media, music, performing arts and management, throughout the world for decades.

The company’s dominating presence and representation was sustained and driven by CEO Roney Hooks who has worked with legendary artists and has orchestrated the business relationship for global companies such as Wise Cast TV, Crystal Glacier Water, W4BC, K. Roy Productions.Mr. Hooks leadership, diversity and vision have allowed 26MGMT.LLC to tap into previously untapped opportunities and reach new audiences.

26 Management LLC is proud of the long-lasting relationship with artist we have prided ourselves in working with to archive their goal no matter in what direction they have chosen to go. 26 Management LLC is honored that we were in some way a small part of their success, artist like Mariah Carey, Baby Face, Force Md’s, BBD, Frankie Beverly & Maze and many more Thank You for letting us be a small part of your journey in this long road to success in the music industry.

26 Management LLC is the new leader in aligning innovative companies, artist and humanitarian agencies who aspire to be recognized on a global stage.

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